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Cupcake Conundrum + I’m Back!

Wow… Ive been gone for a while….School just got a ton harder after break, and High School registration is happening, and agh.

I was gone for so long that Ive just found out about Bliss’s blog being closed?stopped?ended? Well, whatever it is, Its a bit sad. I started blogging three years ago after seeing her blog, and Ive kinda grew up with it. I’m fourteen now. I’m going to High School in five months. Bliss is graduating High School this year. Driving. Finding a job. Wow.

I just want to say, Thank You to everyone who has made blogging a great experience for anyone who does it! 🙂

Now for this hearthrob of a party….

(Warning: This will probably be the most spontaneous and cheesy poem you will ever read)

Hearts, chocolate, and love is in the air;

Fantage’s Valentines’ Day party is now here!


Buy some inexpensive but beautiful furniture gifts for your friends,

using the button next to the daily quiz!



Theres some sweet minigames at the cafe,

Frosting Fuss and Cupcake Chaos is how I’ll spend my day.

Cupcake Chaos gave me 42 tickets per game, and Frosting Fuss gave me 15.

You’ll have to play a lot to get those prizes we’ve seen!


Now look at these limited items, my favorite time of the year,

where the cutest, pinkest, dresses are here.


Now get dressy,

lets get messy!

Theres a chocolate fountain at the carnival.

Walk in a beauty,


walk out looking yummy!

Dont be jealous of my effortless, cheesy poetry,

you can write one too, you can do better than me.

So spill out your heart, my master of words;

its not so hard.

Write it all, in a Fantage card.


Happy Valentines Day, guys!

Planning to do anything special today? You got a valentine?

If not, go get yourself some half-priced candy tomorrow heheheh 😀

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Holiday Blowout!

(Do you smell cookies, peppermint, reindeer droppings, and singing in the distance?)

That means only one thing.

The holiday season has started! And Fantage released a party! (Like 2 days ago but yeah)

Picture 23


This event will last until January 6th, so some things will be released in parts. Lets see what we can do!

At Mt. Fantage, this is where the party is. Here, you can light the tree, visit Santa’s cottage, and play a minigame.

  • To light the tree, just wear blue, yellow, or red clothes, and the lights will turn that color!
  • Go into Santa’s cottage, but hes not here yet! 😦 We’ll have to wait until Christmas.Picture 28
  • You can play the minigame at Mt. Fantage to earn tickets. Exchange tickets at the ticket booth for prizes. There will be more minigames released later on during the event.Picture 19


  • Giving gifts! Sharing is caring yeah? Click on the gift box button in the upper right hand corner where the daily quiz is and all that. You can buy gifts and send them to your buddies! (I hope I get presents!!!!)Picture 17


  • Limited Items: Lets get festive!Picture 20


  • Holiday pet! Blizzy is back! Hatch your own snowman pet or if you already have one, go get the free item!Picture 21


  • The Train: Theres a stop at Downtown, and if you stay on the train, it’ll take you to Mt. Fantage. Wait patiently! Picture 29


I’ll see you guys soon with updates as they come out! Happy Holidays everyone! 🙂

Picture 30


Also, as I was taking pictures for this post, I met some of you guys! These pictures will also be put up in my new “Gallery” page. I have all the fan pictures there! Thanks everyone!

Picture 24   Picture 27


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Thanksgiving: A Fantage Tale That Absolutely Cannot Be Told Without Fairies

Loving the Fairies guys… Loving them. Thank the Fairies. Be thankful for fairies. O_O

Picture 10

But hey Fantage did do a pretty good job of combining both Fairies and Thanksgiving! Like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Unicorns and Rainbows.

The first things you’ll come across in Downtown are…

Limited items: (Which are fairy themed)

Picture 16

And a sign with the Black Friday sale for ecoins! For anyone who didn’t know, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and stores usually have CRAZY sales and things so its the best day to go shopping. And in this case, shop for ecoins maybe?

Picture 29

Right… So if you open your map up, you’ll see some other cool things going on in some other places.

Picture 19

Picture 21

Lets Start from the top. At Mt. Fantage and the Forest, you can play Fairy Minigames. It’s FAIRY-LY simple (Hahaha see what I did there)

The Game called “Fairy Flight”, basically run across snow while clicking to jump over evil looking creatures. For the “Tree Trouble” game, you heal trees by clicking on them and yeah. You also get special advantages in the games if you buy the special fairy item, some sort of a yellow shooting star thing. But at the end, you get Fruits and Tickets. Lemme explain what these Fruits and Tickets do.

So at the end of the game, wether you won or lost (In my case, I lost terribly), a screen like this will show up rewarding you with the Tickets and Fruit.

Picture 24

For the tickets, you can click on the tickets button in your upper right hand corner to see the prizes at the prize booth for this event, or, you can physically go over to the Ticket Booth at the carnival. You can then trade them in for prizes!

Picture 26

For the Fruit, go over to the castle and go inside to see a cornucopia. (Not a Hunger Games cornucopia, this one actually has fruit, not weapons). Here, you and everyone else in Fantage will pile their fruit together and collectively get prizes once you go past a certain number of fruits. You can also donate starz instead of fruit if you want, but its a lot more fun to get the fruit from playing games.

Picture 23

Picture 27

Then, you can head over to pet town to see the Limited pet that Fantage brought back!

Picture 20

Picture 28

Its Tom Tom the Turkey!

If you click on it, you can see the thing at the bottom that lets you get a free accessory, if you have the pet.Picture 31

Thanks Everyone, and I hope you all enjoy Thanksgiving with your families this Thursday! (Yay, No School!)

Picture 1



Stay Crispy Yo.


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Chocolate Challenge!

Fantage has released their “Chocolate Challenge” Party, and I cant help but to think its like a Willy Wonka thing.

Picture 5

Yep, you read it. This is going to be a long event. It started today, and will end on the 2nd of October. So to make this a bit easier to explain, I’ll divide it up by the days. (And I’ll update this post when the other parts of the party come out)

9/20- Friday

First day of the party! Yayyyy

– Cookie Catcher Game

The cookie catcher game is a group game, meaning that youre going to be playing with a lot of people on different teams. (Like color battles and ice cream things in the past).  Click on the chocolate house at the Carnival to play!

Picture 6

When you walk in, a thing will pop up telling you the rules of the game, and which team youre on. (Or, another game will be in progress and you’ll have to wait a bit)

Picture 10

Basically, youre in the cookie costume and a LOT of cookies will be falling from the sky. Click on them to win “points” for your team. The winning team will be the team with the largest amount of cookies in their jar and they will get golden tickets. (Members will be x2 the amount of tickets)

Picture 11

– Ticket Booth

So assuming you played the Cookie Catcher game, you now have Golden Tickets. What do we use them for? Well, if you go to the ticket booth at the Carnival, you will see that it is now open. Here, you can trade in your golden tickets for prizes.

Picture 7

Picture 8

The ones with the member star is only for members (duh), and the ones that are locked will become unlocked on the date at the bottom. Also, at the bottom of the prize list, we see the ultimate prize: The Chocolate Challenge Medal.

Picture 9        Picture 18

This medal is 3000 tickets (woah), and is worth 10 levels for non-members, and 20 levels for members. ( Im currently working on getting this because my Fantage goal is to hit level 500 as a non member ) ( Im currently at level 339 :P)

– Chocolate Fountain

You can find the chocolate fountains at the carnival, or inside the Castle. Walk through them/click on them to turn into a chocolate yummy thing.

Picture 13

– Limited Items

The inevitable Limited Items, this time, inspired by… chocolate.

Picture 3

Well, thats it for now. Cant wait for the other updates on this party!

Picture 14

Picture 16
Also: Yesterday marked the 2-year anniversary of this blog! I just wanted to thank everyone so much for reading my blog. This blog has taught me a lot more about visual, blogging, and it has been exercising control as far as blogging about every Fantage event. Two years ago yesterday, I was just signing up for WordPress. Today, I put up posts and people actually read them, and comment on them, and when I go around Fantage, people tell me that they know me and my blog. This blog is about to hit 50,000 hits. I just want to thank you all so much! ❤ ❤

Picture 15



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Fantage Back to School

Picture 3

The Fantage Back to School party has been released!

-> First, you can go help the teacher set up for school by playing some easy simple minigames.

Picture 5


And heres the Corrections for the grading papers game if you arent that great w/ grammar

Picture 12


(to be honest, this was such bad writing I tried correcting the other mistakes but it wouldnt let me)


You get a prize after completing each minigame, and here are the different prizes you can get:

Picture 9 Picture 6 Picture 10

-> Then, Go to Fantage School, and outside you will see a board. On the board, it lists the games you have to play in order to get a prize. You have to play ALL of them, but I didnt really put any effort into it. I purposely lost all the games.

Picture 8

Once youve “played” all the games, this is the prize you get:

Picture 13

-> You can also get on the School bus from Downtown (That comes every 3 mins so yeah u have to wait for it) and play Simon Says! Its quite a lot like Posing for the Fashion Shows and yeah I suck at it. Once you miss an action, you get kicked off at Fantage School.

Picture 11

-> Theres a new category in the games, Off the Hook at Fantage School if you want to play that…

-> Lastly, there’s the inevitable Limited Items cart…

Picture 2

Well, thats it guys! I’m already in my second week of school… -.- Good luck.

Also, I met a fan today while I was taking pics for this post. I love meeting you guys! 🙂

Picture 7

Till next time!


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Fantage’s Adventures in Wonderland Party

So yep, I’m back from my hiatus, and school is now in full swing. fun. -.-

Picture 8


First, check out the Wonderland through the rabbit hole at the forest, and start doing some things there!

Play some games with the Queen….

Picture 20


Put on a costume and paint the queen’s roses… (you get a lot of starz from this and you also get a prize if u work with otther to paint ALL of the roses)

Picture 16




You can also do a scavenger hunt for the brown rabbit.

Picture 11


These are the things you will need to find to “fix the white rabbit’s watch”. Idk how these things will ever make him on time but yeah okay.

Picture 10



(All of these items will be found in the wonderland)

Picture 17 Jam: On top of the entrance to the rose garden

Picture 14 Sugar Cubes: On top of the hedge, inside the rose garden

Picture 12 Butter: Next to the white rabbit

Picture 18 lemons: In the tree by the caterpillar (who is supposed to be smoking in the movie and getting high, but Fantage replaced the cigar with bubbles… nice.)

Picture 15 Teapot: In the rose garden on top of the left hedge


Also, you can go get some Limited items (as always), and this time, some Wonderland items from last year’s party

Picture 7

Picture 9




Hope this helped! See ya soon!


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Fantage Ghost Hunting Event

Picture 25


Yay, the Fantage Ghost story event is out!

So I’m sure you’ve all heard some sort of “spooky” story around the campfire… and most of them suck unless the person thats telling it is good… so yeah I dont really understand the story Fantage is trying to tell here, but its a cool event nevertheless.

Limited items…

New Fashion show theme…

Picture 26

(I think you can use most of the items form Halloween events; idk I havent tried it out yet)

Also, a stampbook has been added so now you have to do everything over again to get the medal :/

Picture 13


And now for the Ghost Hunt!

Day 1:

Clues found in the Campsite:

Picture 20 (Bushes)

Picture 23 (Girls/Boy’s cabin)

Picture 22 (The lake)

Get all the clues and return them to Stella. Then, you will receive a lantern to help you look for ghosts.

Then, put on your boating items and cross the lake to get to the tent campsite. Camp out until night.

Picture 27            Picture 29


Then, you will receive an item and a medal. (I think members get something else but I wouldnt know seeing that Im not one)





Day 2: (I stole these pictures from Masha hi Masha)

The clues are at Mt. Fantage.

 (To the right of the cave, near the cabin)

 (The ramp of the Reporters cabin)

 (The freezing guy in the cave)

Return all the clues to Stella to get your prize (30 starz)



Day 3: ( Pics also stolen from Masha)

The clues are at Pet Town

 (Under the user pet barn, next to pond)

  (Next to the pet games)

 (The pond)

The prize, again, is 30 starz


AND FINALLY… (wow this has been a long post)…

Here are the pictures of when you guys found me on Fantage! (Yay I have friends.. sort of) 🙂

loutus has fans ha masha      Picture 11

Picture 1                     Picture 5


okie bye and remember to join by ecoin giveaway contest on my blog! 😛



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Fantage Ecoin Giveaway: 3,500 ecoins


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Fantage Youtube Contest & New Sign in Page

So remember how Zacks theatre opened? Well, Fantage has started a Youtube video contest using the theatre and YOU could possibly win 2000 ecoins!

This is really exciting for me because I love film and acting and Fantage and if you put them all together you basically get this. Unfortunetly, my computer has some major issues and I will not be able to enter 😦

But you guys should send me links to your videos and I’d be happy to watch them! 🙂

Also, Fantage has made a new homepage as well and the outfits are adorable 🙂


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Fantage WInter Ball 2013!

Hey everyone, its Loutus!

Theres a new party on fantage!

Picture 7

Some things you can do:

Buy Limited items and have that blond guy/girl (she-man?) judge your look for a prize!

Picture 4

Picture 6   Picture 9

Buy a snowflake catcher costume and catch the glowing snowflakes in uptown or downtown!

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: I am selling the costumes after i get the prize at the trade and sell shop for 1250 ecoins. just search up items by event and get the item with a discount, my gift to you 🙂

Sorry about the change guys! When I went to sell them, it wouldnt let me sell for that low. I will be selling them for the lowest price possible, 1960 ecoins! 😦

Picture 5

Picture 8

also, its finally snowing where i am so yayyyyyy

have fun everyone, and party hard.


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